Create Food Menus That Smell, Look, And Sound Delicious.

Divi restro menu

Add Diverse Divi Restaurant Menus With Filter

Divi Restro Menu is an easy-to-use plugin that provides you with the option to create engaging and detailed Divi restaurant menus that come with a category filter bar. Plus, it also adds a custom post type for restaurant menus. So, you can add, edit, and delete food menu items with ease.

Food Menus That Are Responsive

Using this Divi theme restaurant menu plugin, the food menus you’ll create would be responsive and user friendly on every device. Thus, you don’t have to worry about how they would look on different screen resolutions.

Responsive food menu for divi
Include ingredients into food items of divi restaurant menu

Include Price, Ingredients, and More Into Food Items’ Detail

Divi Restro Menu allows its users to add detailed information about each item they add to the food item list. Like the price symbol of any currency, what ingredients used to create the recipe, short and long descriptions. Thus, making items on the restaurant menu complete and delicious.

Style Your Food Menus the Way You Want With Layouts & Columns

The 2 layouts that come with this Divi restaurant menu plugin enables you to create and customize your food menus in the most beautiful way with the number of columns. One allows you to add food items and their thumbnails side by side to the information. The other provides you with the option to add food items and their delicious thumbnails above.

Show Exquisite Restaurant Menus Today!

Get Divi Restro Menu plugin today and create restaurant food menus that everyone likes to see. Plus, its intuitive controls would amaze you because it makes creating food menus so easy that no other plugin can. Moreover, the layout you will create using this plugin would be lightweight and of fewer scripts. So, when visitors explore your website, it won’t affect page speed and performance. It is a perfect plugin for everyone who wants to add attractive and delicious Divi food menus on their restaurant sites.